View Full Version : Ubisoft, you cheat customers!! Is that ur official response!!?

12-03-2014, 07:40 AM
I am very angry, very furious right now! For nothing but the ******* unity season pass refund!

OK, let me laid it out. I bought the season pass hours before Ubisoft announced they are giving out free dlc on unity, and canceling the season pass. I am looking for a refund.

In fact, some of u might say doesn't matter when I bought it. Point taken. But I am looking at refund.

In order to compensate players who already bought the season pass, Ubi offered them 1 free game. That's fine, only if you are interested in those games.

Let me tell you, I have no interests on racing game, dancing game and farcry 4 OK!? And I owned AC4 and Watch dogs already. So free game doesn't work for me, so refund is the only way.

I live in Australia, the hotline of uplay customer service here is actually based in India. So I called them to ask for refund, they asked me to wait 2 days and call back. I did, and then another 2 days, and then another 2 days! I have waited a whole week and there are no response whatsoever, on the uplay support page nor on my email acc. Actually in the mean time, I didn't just sit and wait. No, I personally submitted 2 tickets onto the uplay support page. And guess what? No response for almost 3 weeks, not a single notification nor reply.

More pissed me off is, they told me in order to ask for refund, I have to ask PSN for refund. That really burns me, PSN has nothing to do with the cancellation of unity season pass! Even though I knew it is ridiculous, I did call Sony and ask them anyway. And guess what the answer is~? Of course no! First, they said it is not their fault that season pass is canceled. It is the company (ubisoft) who announced cancellation of season pass, not them. They also said they can't be responsible for refund whenever gaming companies change their policies. It is true, it just make no sense! And of course I agree with them, even before I made that call.

What ubisoft said is, you bought it in PSN so u should be asking for refund from PSN. But it is not PSN who changed the policies and cancel the season pass. Ubisoft did. And now they are just being irresponsible, according to me. Unless they authorized PSN and xboxlive to pay customers back, but I sure as hell they didn't.

I mean, if you bought a product from the supermarket, then the production company said the products are defected, who are u going to ask for refund? The supermarket or the company itself?? Unless the company said they have already authorized supermarkets to refund customers, common sense said of course we should go after the company for compensations. Besides, the supermarket is a victim too here in this case, it trusted the company's products to sell them in their store, now people are coming in, ask for refund because the company screw up, not the supermarket.

Now it looks really really bad, from the perceptive of customers. I bought something from you ubisoft, and it was you who announced canceling the product. You offer something else to those who bought already, but not refunding us! I AM SORRY but I think we customers have our rights. I mean it is OUR MONEY! You offer something else, but not all of us want that, so u might as well just pay us back our money. This is looking even worse for ubisoft, I don't understand why they have to hold onto the money like this. I mean, I bought here the season pass in Australia for AU$40. I bet each title of those free game must cost more than that. But now, Ubisoft made a mistake (on unity), and even now they forced us with one of those free game instead of real refund. It is like, "Either free game or NOTHING, CHOOSE!" That ubisoft, in my eyes is just despicable.

I mean, I live in Australia and the call goes to India. Maybe they just work customer service there, maybe they don't know any better, or even maybe they are instructed to say that in order to protect the interest of the company. But you work for the company and when you pick up the phone, you are representing the company. Either ways, I am getting my money back, not because I am cheap but because of principle. I trust you enough to buy your product ubisoft, and this is the way you treat your customers back!!?