View Full Version : 3rd update makes Unity broken online on PS4

12-03-2014, 02:56 AM
After installing the 3rd update for ubisofts broken buggy current gen creed game Unity if you try to load your last save to continue your game you now get a blue screen with a CE error suggesting you check for the latest update, and when you do it says it's up to date already with 1.03. So i can play a game that ubisoft have designed with about 50% of it made to be played online, co-op missions, clubs, blue and gold chests only accessed via online apps. Come on, i'd started a Unity online club and had 13 members, half the equipment you can only get playing club competitions. Stuff your 1 bit of free dlc for your totally untested unfinished game ubisoft give everybody who gave you hard earned money this broken game a full refund or fix it by the weekend, or the angry hordes of assassin's are coming to kill you. Update 4 or die!:mad: