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12-02-2014, 06:40 PM
Why not bring the game's resolution to 720p to stabilize the frame rate and then work towards patching the resolution. I'm sure most gamers would rather have a stable game over 900p.

12-02-2014, 06:53 PM
In those years Ive been programming games on my own and some friends, the biggest issue isnt really the resolution. Since the hardware of the PS4 is relativly strong it wouldnt matter that much if the game would run on 1080p , 900p or even 720p. The problems is the optimizations. Because there are almost none of it in this game. You can tell this by an old bug (which occurs still in some places) when Arno is hanging on a corner or when he is trying to climb a unclimable obstacle that the framerate drops waaaay down to 4-6 frames.
This is due ( i believe) to a code which calculates the possibilities if the obstacle is climable or not, and maybe you figured out already, but to climb in the direction you want you have to put the stick in that direction right?

So I will write a really easy kinda code here so you understand why this might occur..

If Player(arno)hangs on wall{

then{wait for input of controllerdevice (could be xbone or Ps4 controller)

*lets say you press up*

Player Presses up {checking if wall is climable}
if not return to Animation{ which is the animation he does when he cant climbe (he moves his butt a little bit higher)

so the check what happen is the game recalculates and recalculates the frame so fast and so often that the framerate brakes. Means as long as you are pushing that stick itn that "unclimable" area the game will try to recalculate if its possible.
this is called an infinte loop and can cause (in different application) a crash.