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12-02-2014, 09:41 AM
Hello there.

I've started playing Assassin's Creed Unity and i'm enjoying it a lot! I am however experiencing severe difficulty with how the camera is handled during fighting sequences. Is anyone else having these issues or is it just me?

This is my experience: I frequently get into head on combat with multiple enemies (this is my playstyle). I notice very often that the camera positions itself in such a position & angle that i can only see one, or if i'm lucky, two enemies within my screen space at any given time. This makes the core mechanic of executing a parry from incoming enemy attacks very difficult, since they often happen outside of my screen space where i cannot see them. The problem is even more severe when inside a building, even if said building has very high ceiling.

Rather than feeling that the combat is challenging and exciting, i feel cheated when i'm unable to parry an attack since i'm unable to see it coming.

Other frequent issues with combat that i encounter:

1. Player goes into cover when trying to dodge roll an incoming attack (Dodge roll vs cover should be contextual when in or out of combat, however it does not seem to work correctly?).

2. Player frequently leaves combat during fights, making Arno unable to attack or do any other combat related actions (roll, parry etc)

3. If a friendly player or AI kills an enemy just as Arno is about to trigger an execute animation on the same enemy AI, Arno gets stuck in limbo and is unable to move for the duration of the animation where the friendly player/AI kills said enemy.

4. Frequent loss of framrate during combat sequences. Which in turn forces reactive inputs (such as parry) to not register properly.

Do we know if any Ubi representative reads these forums? Maybe if we're lucky they sometimes respond to little threads such as this? :)

If you read this far into my thread, thank you for listening.


12-02-2014, 10:02 AM
Some of them are said to read the forums, and the mods pass threads on to the design teams.

The camera zoom on kills can certainly be a problem. I think everyone has learned to parry/dodge pre-emptively, or at least that's how I cope with it. Just like the way you learn that two or three strikes are coming immediately after an enemy hits you with a kick to the leg or a barge, getting certain successful strikes or killing blows becomes your brain's cue to switch to a defence as quickly as possible, thus blocking the things you can't see yet. It'd be better if a warning at the screen's edge let you know that a distant attack was coming in, like the one you get for guns.

There's also an eternal glitch where if you starting looting a body before the sword-sheathing animation completes, the sword arm gets stuck and flickers between two positions and the sounds of two sword clatter noises drill over each other. It'll continue for as long as you hold down "B". It might not seem like a big deal since it doesn't affect gameplay itself, but it ends up being seen by lots of people in YouTube videos and negatively affecting the perception of the game, and no patch has addressed that problem yet.