View Full Version : Possible Spoilers: the initiates

12-02-2014, 12:41 AM
I finally understand how "Bishop" and the helix network fit together. William Miles came up with a plan to use the helix network as free recruiting advertisement. They find a Helix user convince them to join the assassins, and then use their templar enemies software as a free training program on par(if not better) than the Templar Animi training program. In the case of the "initiate" from unity the assassins got to kill two birds with one stone by both uncovering the information on the sage they wanted and turning a average Joe to a highly trained assassin from viewing Arno's memories. This discovery has actually got me kind of hyped as they can now add a modern day protagonist like Desmond was. And if done correctly it could bring back the sense of urgency and importance or at the very least allow us to see the modern day assassins fighting back.