View Full Version : To little real story were is the rest of it

12-01-2014, 01:51 PM
first let me say I have all of the assassins creed games loved them even with some of the glitches the love giving to the pc. but the main part of the game was the good story's
they had a great feel to them even the American one.
and ok they have added the club and co op missions but I play these games mainly for the single player game and the story but this story is too short and it is lacking something
the other games had, ubi soft seem to be going the same way as cod small single player game and relying on the multy player games to pad it out.
this game should be 75% story game at least with multy player an optional extra not as a large part of the game.
so please bring back the good story's ones that we can involve our self's in and if you plan to make the multy player a large part of the future then please do not let the story's
be ruined, you started so well don't spoil the game now.
there were some good new bits of the game but the story compared to the rest was short and to be honest boring and far to easy to complete.