View Full Version : Assassin's Creed: Rogue - Some stuff I wanted to address(no story spoilers)...

11-30-2014, 08:02 AM
So far, I like it. The massive grinding on fully sync objectives is still there and still as annoying, but nothing I can't handle. If you 100% synced ACIII, then this is nothing. But there are some things I''d like to address about Rogue as of what I have experienced:

In-game textures aren't very pretty and if you're playing on an HDTV, it's very noticeable that they are pretty much on medium settings. ACIII seems to have the best textures within the Kenway saga.
A lot of the usual ACIV guard spawning very late onto the map.
Ubi, I think you over did it with the assassins coming out to get you. I liked the idea of cat & mouse, but I didn't think it would be this crazy. I can't even walk a block without hearing whispers.
Bounty Hunter A.I. is just crazy. ACIV's combat just does not react fast enough to rapid attacks like ACIII's. Making them immune to smoke bomb is fine, but making them completely immune to melee and countering was just downright stupid. Their inflicted damage upon Shay is about as much as a musket, and combat is just not flexible like ACIII's. Bounty Hunters require projectile based weapons to be killed off, although, I think darts are out of the question. Grenades, guns, and rope darts, seem to be the only thing viable in killing them.
I recently experienced a bug that caused the game to go into an infinite loading screen upon entering the fleet. After I exited out of the game and went back in, the game froze after 3 seconds once I spawned into the game. I guess I'll wait till tomorrow to see if the bug is still present. I've had a similar freezing problem with AC:Revelations back on my older PS3.
Lastly, why are we going from Frigate to Brig to Schooner? We're a Schooner with Brig-sized sails. I hope I do not have to be a Gunboat if the use of ship battling does return in future titles.

I have not finished the game yet, but these are some of the things I just wanted to address...