View Full Version : custom colour schemes for outfits

11-29-2014, 11:39 PM
I don't know about anyone else but I am unimpressed with the quite limited colour options available for your outfits.

After messing with the create your assassin app on the ac website, I was under the impression that we would get the option of picking colours for the various areas on the outfit. I was quite excited...

Instead what we have is a pretty limited selection of pre-determined colour combinations, and let's be honest some of them are pretty disgusting. Fluorescent green and orange assassin's running around 18th century France isn't my cup of tea and just totally makes them stand out a mile and breaks the customisation aspect of the game for me.

Any chance you can give us a custom colour scheme/ pallete option in a patch ubi?

It's very obvious that all skins use a grey scaled texture with an alpha channel to apply an RGB colour to the colourable section. What would it take to add a couple of RGB sliders and a saturation slider allowing me to pick the colours in a pallate?

Even if this is an unlocked option for purchasing all of the colour schemes it would be worth it and wouldn't make unlocking these a waste of time...

Even meeting half way and allowing to set up a custom scheme using the preselected colours already unlocked would be great (e.g. only allowing black if the black colour scheme is unlocked etc.)