View Full Version : Pre-order customers for AC-Unity?

11-29-2014, 08:11 AM
Ubi, I've re-installed AC U over 3x's since launch!

It finally worked fine, then patch hit in and it would crash over and over. Everything is updated on my pc. I built it and I always have kept it in tip top condition both hardware and software, so I know without doubt the issue was not on my side. After 4 hours I decided to install everything again once more (4 th time) Now it works fine.

I had pre ordered game with hopes it would be 80% bug free. From fps issues to mobs half made walking around I felt cheated but calm. Now, I see those who bought the other versions of the game, get a free game?

This is OK I guess but it pissed me off to see us pre-order fans get nothing, DLC content? I don't want that! Gimme a refund!

6 hrs to download game each time (slow internet, but it is fastest available here) +over 4 hrs troubleshooting. I HAVE SPENT MORE TIME TROUBLESHOOTING AND RE DOWNLOADING THE GAME THAN PLAYING THIS DAMN GAME! (28HRS), I thought my 760 gtx was issue so I changed it for my 780, re installed gpu drivers...etc etc

P.s. I should have just spent those $60 on Steam games on these holiday specials. I feel like my joy and fun was raped.

I had less issues on Watch Dogs. I frickin loved that game. Most issues I had in WD were due to fps loss and 4gb ram. Fixed that in 5 min by updating to 8gb ram and i5 to 4790k (at 5.2ghz now)