View Full Version : [SPOILERS] bug: 9.1.1 got credit for it, didnt do it.

11-29-2014, 06:03 AM
Im playing on the xbox one and the companion on ios.

I started 9.1, where arno has to follow the boat, before he steals the document.

1st try, got desynchronized, even though i was still in view of boat.
2nd try, uhg touched the water. restart from last check point
3rd try, got desynced when arno wouldn't climb a bridge.
left game.
for the next couple of hours (on and off) i played the companion app.
eventually got a chest.
started game back up thinking i would have to finish 9.1 b4 i could get chest.
it didnt place me on the dock, it placed me on the street, not sure how close to the dock though.
anyhow, even tough it showed me my current task (follow boat), i chose to get the chest 500 meters(?) away.
i start running. do a couple of kills and a tackle on my way to the chest.
still a ways a way from chest, i got a black screen with the saving icon. i was thinking it was going to place me on the dock and at the beginning of 9.1.
i was half right, i was on the dock but now i was supposed to steal the document and not set off an alarm.

11-29-2014, 06:43 AM
Please use the Spoiler tag if you're discussing gameplay