View Full Version : New Xbox 360 map: When the world falls

11-28-2014, 11:43 PM
Hello everyone, unfortunately I can't make a YouTube video etc of this. But completed an assault map. It's themed in the future where the world's flooded and tower blocks sit crippled/falling (originally based on modern south London, but apocalyptic themes are always more fun) It's a hardcore map with minimal HUD, no health regen and tense shooting.

You'll start off by air dropping in from a plane, will find yourself zipline from one tower block to the next with an array of snipers lasers on you, or plunge into the water avoiding patrol boats and again their lasers. There's also several grappling hook opportunities to swing about like Tarzan or climb a building like Spider man. I tried to add little things here and there to add to the realism of the theme.

In search maps:
When the world falls
Gamertag: UNDEAD WOLF 8D
(Created 2014-11-29, ignore the other two older versions)

It's a tough map, but hope you enjoy the challenge! If do please give us a thumbs up so others can have a go, thank you.

12-01-2014, 09:24 PM
I played your map, great job bro those snipers everywhere! kicked my *** and I enjoyed all the grapple areas felt like spiderman in a ****ed up flooded utopia. Fun Map though