View Full Version : Thank You Ubisoft

11-28-2014, 11:07 PM
I noticed that after 3rd patch nothing has changed,well i thank you for this useless patch.I know most of the players can appreciate your efforts and most of em out there playing this marvelous game of urs like crazy.Trust me, i was playing your previous games like that but not anymore thanks to you and your great friend Nvidia.So i decided to uninstall the game from my computer thanx for taking my money for nothing.I know most of you guys are gonna rage about this post but i am sorry.I just wanna know how the hell i cant play this game in highest settings when i play such as Shadow of Mordor,Dragon Age:Inquisition and Bioshock:Infinite and the examples go on,i still dont understand it.After Far Cry:4 and this Unity which was my favourite series i decided not to play 'em anymore because of the magnificent compatiblity with Sli and double-gpu graphic cards.You lost one of your fan and ill not buy any games from you anymore and also i deny to buy a new graphic card so i can play it smoother,maybe u dont care or u dont even check this threads that we open, i just wanted to express my feelings thats all.

11-28-2014, 11:14 PM
At least you can open your game. I'm still stuck on an error when i try to open it. Way to go Ubi! "ACU.exe - Entry Point Not Found"