View Full Version : Is it possible in the near future? couple suggestions

11-28-2014, 08:08 PM
Hey there Ubisoft team.

Do you think in the near future to actually have the possibility of unlocking the Legendary pièces from Club comptetion through Hélix Hacking?
So far it still not released and the couple of legendary that we can have are not really the best ones depending on the type of Arno you want to play. and through the Hacking set up player who doesn't really want to participate in the PVP aspect of the game can still have the legendaries that would make their character better on a PVE aspect. As well micro transaction could just benefit you guys as well.

As well is it possible to add up a Legendary outfit of Arno itself like we have at Master rank but not legendary why? So far... i kept my Master set of Arno Dorian due to the Stealth it gives and upgraded with Credo pts. But the legendary is terribly missing, even tho we have the end game outfit to use to cover up some of the pièces that are not looking good it still not an actual Arno Dorian Master assassin personnal outfit with specific stats.

hope to hear some good news about the future content of AC: Unity