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11-28-2014, 06:07 PM
Just out of curiosity?
Is it me or has anyone else ever bought a game that had so much wrong with it?
I just finished the game and looking back I'm not sure how I made it. Between the freezes and getting hung on ledges while being shot.
Glued to window sills. The game seems to run well then it just seems to act up. I know its a high end pc game but crap.
You'll be moving along and Arno just wants to jump on a ledge and stick there. Hard to make him jump down. When in fighting a lot of times
I'm just mashing the attack button because it don't seem he's responding to what I am trying to do anyhow.
Way too many times I hit the attack button while standing right next to a target and he'll just stand there and twirl his sword while the enemy attacks or shoots him. Or when I hit block the enemy he hits me anyhow.
Not to mention the initiates issue. Which hasn't worked from day one. And then there's you need to hook up your phone ap to get the rest
of the chest. Common, really? This is my first large game that I'll probably not start over now that I'm finished.
It could have been a great game. The setting was awesome, and the grandness of it could have been great. But just too many issues for me to say I liked it.
Also the sequence 7 memory 3 where me and so many others just couldn't get through the doorway. Only after putting everything on the lowest possible settings made it in.
Which brings me the next question. I tried this game on high and low settings. High couldn't play from the stuttering. But for me the actual looks of the game didn't differ that much from the high to low setting. Maybe just me.
Not to mention you could finish all missions in probably 3 days. Way to fast.
I really hope the next patch does something to fix all these issue's. But I doubt it will.
And I know you folks out there with the great rigs are going to say you rig just isn't good enough. But that's on game play. Too me there was just too many other distractions to the game as I mentioned above.

My specs were and are:
M5A99x evo r2.o mobo
amd fx-8350 cpu
GTX 660 ti video
8 gigs ddr 3 memory

11-28-2014, 06:12 PM
Iguess that the shortest answer is no.