View Full Version : Low texture distance/radius on PC (if that makes sense)

11-28-2014, 05:41 PM
I'm getting this issue where the texture of structures and buildings just drop quality and just become literally like wet cardboard. Now i know that they do it for buildings in the far distance but im literally getting it on the second row of buildings/structures next to me. Only by getting close to it it pops it back into the lovely building texture of gorgeousness.
What im basically trying to say is that I pretty much have a tiny texture radius around me.

Here's a few screenshots of what i'm experiencing.



Before patch 1.2 or when i first started the game, this problem didn't occur at all, all i really had was the frame rate stuttering from time to time. I understand that resolution of structure's further away are lowered but still, having it right in front of you pretty much at all times ruins the game for me. Kills the rooftop fun. Haven't continued with the game since as i just can't bare looking at the ugliness.
Never had this issue with any of the AC series, even the original assassin's creed.

I've tried messing around within the settings. tried turning particular settings on and off. tried different options and quality. Still nothing prevails.

Now i don't know if im the only one getting this issue or not. So if anyone can relate and possibly help too i would appreciate it a lot :)