View Full Version : How I got CrossFire to work

11-28-2014, 05:00 PM
Hi there !!!

Not sure if this is old or not.... Just in case I apologize for my lack of knowledge.

When I started to play ACU I noticed the game is very demanding.
Most of the time the framerate was acceptable (at least 22 FPS in a few occasions) for me.
But some scenes appeared to be inacceptable. Especially the fountains and the Cafe Theatre
had been very slow, coming down to 15FPS.

When I activated CrossFire the game started stuttering like hell. I found this bug to be reported
and well known and worked at in the patch notes. So I thought this is ist. Wait and hope.

But then I tried some things in the driver option. And found a way to get CrossFire working.
It is simple: Create a profile linked to ACU.exe and set CrossFire from Standard to AFR.
The only problem was the UPlay banner in top right corner flickering like hell no more disappearing.
But opening up UPlay, waiting a few seconds, the flickering nearly stopped, getting back to game and
the screen was clear.

Performance gain: + 10 FPS !!! Which is 60% more.... Hell... I am so happy...

Not so nice are flickering textures on the ground, f.e. in Cafe Thatre and other places. Not sure
if that is a result of the patch or CrossFire ?

Anyway, hope someone gets helped by this topic.
Cheers !