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11-28-2014, 02:24 PM
Detailed Release Notes for Patch 3 (all platforms)
Patch 3 includes over three hundred fixes designed to improve your Assassinís Creed Unity experience. While you might notice some improvements to framerate as a result of Patch 3, we still have a future patch planned to further address framerate concerns.

The rollout itself will be staggered across platforms and will come to PlayStation 4 tomorrow (Wednesday November 26th) and continue on to PC and Xbox One later in the week (though not necessarily releasing on a daily basis).

Stability & Performance
Fixed numerous random crashes for both on Campaign and Co-op
(90+ various low reproduced crashes)

Fixed specific framerate drops
Improved general Framerate on PS4 by lowering the priority of the online services thread
Fixed FPS drops while Arno climbs on the RHP building of Palais de Justice
Fixed FPS drops when in climbing and pressing the Left Stick towards somewhere that is not climbable in certain areas
Fixed FPS drops in Sainte Chapelle

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I don't get it, It says right there "fixed Specific framerate drops" or is that only for the PS4? I'm just confused because I was really happy to download and install the patch but upon playing the game I really didn't get any "changes". I Just want to know if the Performance stability and Framerate fixes for PC will come with the Patch 3 or for the next patch? I noticed that it didn't mention anything about the Task handling fix that causes the framerate and major stuttering in the whole game. I'm actually happy that Ubisoft devs are working to the fullest to fix it. Even though the game isn't fully playable, I'm still happy to explore around because of the features, I'm just not enjoying it that well.

11-28-2014, 02:30 PM
Its only at specific place.

And, dont know what they did, but personaly, when the game run "correctly" i lost around 5-6fps compare to the version 1.2....

11-28-2014, 02:45 PM
Not counting the PS4 one, there are three lines that mention performance increase. First is extremely location and circumstance specific ("while Arno climbs on the RHP building of Palais de Justice"), the third is also specific to a fairly small location (Sainte Chapelle building, which is right next to Palais de Justice) and the remaining line says that a bit of stutter that occured, again under very specific circumstances and in specific (unnamed) areas, was removed.

So, performance-wise, all the patch promises to do is to make the game a wee bit less stuttery in a select handful of spots.

11-28-2014, 02:57 PM
I see so it really did improve on a handful of spots hence the "bug fix" for certain areas

Well for me it there were times that the game runs without stuttering even If I'm just literally running around (I only have 6GB of ram and not running on SSD too) but most of the time the game kills it with major stuttering plus that weird framerate dipping every 3 ~ 5 seconds...

So I guess the task handling fix and framerate + performance stability fix comes up with the next set of patches, It's all good, I can wait :)

11-28-2014, 03:09 PM
Bitsoul, a stuttering every 3-5 seconds shold not occur. Try setting the textures to low and see if it helps (it will certainly look like cra*, though).