View Full Version : locked content club competition and patch 1.3 issues

11-28-2014, 02:37 AM
Ok so yes, another one of these threads

After reading how club competition will work I can honestly say that my dream of seeing the legendary napoleonic set went down the drain...

I for once supported this petition


It's pretty much self-explanatory and I wanted it to be shared on it's own thread if it didn't have one already.

I paid for the whole game and all content should be able to be unlocked in-game and not by playing extra things, not only companion app and initiates, but club competition as well which seemingly will stop me from getting all the weapons and armor. At least get us an alternate method...

sorry for the rant guys

Regarding the patch, it apparently fixed the issue I was having with acu.exe stopped working

however it did come with a price, random lag spikes and huge pop up when running street level, npcs popping up as well as some static meshes, but I did get a small fps boost to compensate :P