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11-28-2014, 01:45 AM
In Unitys first experience you choose a Helix first off is there anyways to play those other helix`s. next we were introduced to BISHOP but where is Rebecca, Shaun is heard but i HAVE heard rebecca was an alias of bishop and she just has long hair thats debatable at best. desomd is obviously dead And JOHN T (the sage and present day tech guy) corps was BRIEFLY shown by bishop stored in a water tank. and most importantly where is JUNO desmond died and i honestly forget ac 2 lore and 3 and in black flag the templar`s had what looked like restored JUNO in a computer mainframe because a physical body wasn`t possible

now who am I, In black flag i was a trainee for a publicized animus program. Now AM i the same person. i say no as BISHOP introduces herself or RE introduces herself if shes rebecca but are your the the same person in black flag because BISHOP calls you initiate hence INITIATES aka other players. but what i`m asking is BISHOP Rebecca and are you the same person that Melanie Lemay and Olivier Garneau delt with plot wise in black flag

ever since AC 3 present day stuff have been getting less and less attention game wise. to sum it up is BISHOP Rebecca and shaun IS there, whats up with JUNO and where is desmonds father. ive heard there are assassin creed books i havent read them so sadly i don`t know the answers to these questions