View Full Version : How do I download patch 3?

11-28-2014, 12:07 AM
This may sound daft but how do I download the patch?

From my understanding, it should download through uplay - no such download has occurred and I don't see any option to check for updates...
In game, the version of the game is labeled as 1.2 - I gather this should be 1.3?

Please someone let me know what I'm doing wrong :/

11-28-2014, 12:12 AM
I know it sounds dumb to ask but I have to. Have you restarted Uplay? Are you opening ACU from the Play button inside Uplay? (Apart from that I can't be too much help I'm afraid I've not had Uplay not update a game when I open it like that)

11-28-2014, 12:23 AM
Haha, well I feel dumb.

I did do everything you suggested and still the game wouldn't update.
The one thing I didn't do, however, should have been the first thing - restart the computer.

Just did this, started uplay and viola, the patch is downloading :)

Thanks for your help anyway mate!

11-28-2014, 01:30 AM
Glad it worked out for you.

issue resolved, closed.