View Full Version : Thank You Ubisoft

11-27-2014, 06:02 PM
Well .. I ve been a costumer of Ubisoft, and I really had a lot of problems with every game since the very first .. and the same happened with AC Unity, with the great amount of work, comes backlash too .. I am very pissed over quality of ac games it provide yes... but over all, each and every game becomes awesome after they patch it up.

But the magnitude of work they did on its ac series overall

Playing with history from the very first game.
Reliving through memories to tell a story which could not be told in any other way.
Giving us an opportunity to parkour in a virtual environment which is not a favorite hobby in real life.
Exploring different parts of the world from the eye of a gamer on your desktop

Thats worth it

And I d Like to thank all Assassins Creed team for giving us an amazing IP like Assassins Creed.