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11-26-2014, 05:11 PM
Hey guys,
here are my experiences and my feedback, based on the first beta version:


1. Sometimes(!) I don't have that yellow frame to choose my bike. Don't know when this occurs, seems random.

2. This happened once: When "connecting" to the multiplayer, the game didn't response anymore and the "Samsara" circle was loading endless. It was probably up to my internet connection, but you could add a cancel button in this menu.

3. I read this in other threads but I want to mention this too: After voting for tracks, another track was chosen that was not even up for voting, most of the time it was "Snowblind"


1. After finishing an instance, I press "Online X-Supercross" to find another lobby but it never seems to work. I have to retry a couple of times until I find a lobby. Is it possible to stay in the lobby after finish a set of tracks? So you wouldn't have to spend another minute in matchmaking, but could play on.

2. Could you add the possibility to leave the game in the lobby? Otherwise you have to wait until the next track starts and could leave then.. Nothing big, but would be nice.

3. I had this fancy idea to let the player start on the last driving line. When playing with a friend, you could still enjoy the visuals in the background instead of having 6 empty lines. So you only see the number of driving lines that equals the number of players in the lobby. It would feel less empty and you could see more visuals in the background. I think that would also motivate track creators to invest in decoration. Otherwise deco/visuals will lack in mp tracks, since no one notices it anyway. I'm carefully guessing, that this is not too hard to implement but would make a difference. The few user generated tracks i played so far had basically no visuals, as expected.

4. Please implement voting with LT/RT (Xbox) instead of A and the stick, like in Evo.

5. I think the "remaining time" after someone has finished, is a bit too high. I think 20 seconds in Evo were enough. You could also make that depending on the difficulty of the track. Maybe 10-15s for easy, 25s for hard/extreme?

7. A indicator in the lobby to show how many tracks are left would be nice.


Will the Singleplayer tracks be converted to be playable in multiplayer? Otherwise I hope you'll add a (great) number of tracks. What's about the ghost mode from Evo, will it make a return? Maybe to play Singleplayer tracks with friends? Also how are hard and extreme tracks going to work in Supercross mode? Since you get less points, the more faults you have. I hardly recommend to reimplement the ghost mode ;-)
Today, after the downloading the patch I tried to find players, but couldn't find any. I searched for about 30 seconds 3 times. Is it possible, that ~360 beta players worldwide are simply not enough?

At the end I'd like to say that I love how fast the matchmaking works. In most other games you spend way too much time in lobby and loading screens, great job! In contrast to Evo I have no problems with NAT no matter if it's open or "moderate" (I play in two entirely different locations). Fingers crossed it'll be that way in the final version of mp.