View Full Version : Co-op, what a mess

11-26-2014, 09:27 AM
I have finished the game by 99%, here are some thoughts about co-op mission

Co-op is a mess, even multiplayer of watch dogs done better than it. Is it going backwards!? I am not talking about the missions but simply it is broken.

There are several major issues here, can't attack the enemies, unlimited enemies etc

But the most broken thing is, sometime when an objective is done, the game doesn't progress!! (I mean next objective never pops up)

I discovered especially when someone join or leave in the middle of the game, it almost guaranteed broken.

No more objectives, no targets, no nothing. All you can do is nothing! Just like online free roam on watch dogs except it isn't.

I experienced that the most on The Tournament. 4 players, sometime when someone join or leave, it almost guaranteed broken, can't proceed anymore.

I mean come on, co-op is the selling point of unity, and ubisoft you give us this. I mean even watch dogs multiplayer have less issues than this, at least the game didn't break.

What, are we going backwards now?

Simply our expectation is newer games should be more superior than older games, but now even the basic is a mess.

Today I played a whole hour of co-op, not even 1 time can complete the mission, why? Because the game is so broken that, players are FORCED to leave the sessions, and those who stayed eventually leave because they can't play the damn game anymore!