View Full Version : Racing with "ACU.exe error" before mission complete

11-26-2014, 08:50 AM
i have tried "Food Chain" Mission for at least 5 times,

each time takes me about 1 hour before either :
- i get killed trying to save Mericourt
- Mericourt rushed out into a fight offering herself as a help when she feel that "looks like i need her help"
- and ACU.exe error.

after i got crashed to desktop 2 times in a row.... i gave up.

Unity you don't deserve the hype and the price tag.
it seems like The greater the game promised, the greater the disappointment it offers.
Please fix this CTD issue.

PS: patch 3 solves the ACU.exe problem, now i can at least complete the mission. keep up the good work UBISOFT