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11-26-2014, 06:41 AM
I originally posted this a few days ago over in Redditland, but I decided to post it over here(With some very minor alterations) as well to see what you guys thought of it. Without further ado, here are my general impressions on Unity's story:

So after making a thread about me questioning the ending because it makes absolutely no sense, I decided to make one about the story because it's late at night and I have nothing better to do. Ok, so let me start off with the beginning of the game: It was way to short. I mean seriously, we got to see Arno's dad for a single cut scene where he essentially says "Sit right here and learn how to read a ****ing watch, bye." And then he dies. The end.

Alright, certainly the next character who dies in front of Arno will have much more personality? Nope, he has a tiny bit extra personality compared to Charles but overall we still have absolutely no way to relate to or like him. I'll stay with the beginning for now because that is the part the game needed the most expanding on. Starting with the love story, it's pretty much just shoved in our face with no development at all, you could have at least given us a few memories in between when they first met and 1789.

Now time for me to rant about the rest of the story, Arno and Elise are still very good characters(With Elise being the better of the two IMO). Napoleon and whatshisface(Marquis something?) were great characters that got way too little screen time, and Bellec was quite good as well(Except during the final battle where he struck me as a massive hypocrite). Now on to the bad parts, the Assassin Council got way too little character(The only name I actually knew by the end of the game was Mirabeu(Yes, I probably spelled that horribly wrong)), and neither did the vast majority of the Templars. Now on to the whole revenge/redemption thing(And the ending because I want to comment on how stupid it was again). A good example of a revenge(Shut up in my eyes it's the same thing as redemption) plot would be Without Remorse, where you can understand why the main character is on a quest for revenge because the person(s) he is getting revenge for are properly developed, and not essentially painted as "The main character cared a lot about these people so feel sad", this is not how you do a revenge plot because how are the people reading the plot supposed to relate to the main character if the people he is getting revenge for received virtually no character development at all?

Heavy sigh, now for the ending, which as I have stated before was incredibly poorly done and made absolutely no sense to me at all. For one they kill Elise(One of the best characters in the game) off for no apparent reason, in no way contributing to the story and destroying multiple opportunities for sequels and spin-offs. Then, we are left in the dark as to what happened after Arno recovered the Sword of Eden and killed Germain, was he accepted back into the Brotherhood? Did he decide to join up with Napoleon as is implied in the cutscene? Either way, Elise is dead for no reason(Why the hell do you kill off one of the main characters at the very end of the story if it adds nothing to the plot?) and we have no idea what happened to Arno.

I suppose I should comment on the Modern Day plot, agreeably it was poorly done, but then again I hated Necksmond Miles and the only person I really cared about there was Shaun.

So, this concludes my overall impressions about the story(Although it inevitably won't because I will remember other parts I liked/didn't like and add them below this because I'm to lazy to edit the original).

Any feedback is appreciated.

11-26-2014, 02:16 PM

Any feedback is appreciated.[/SPOILER]

First of all, this complaint is not really original, many people have expressed the same sentiments elsewhere on the forum.

To answer your questions, the point is there is no answer its just poor storytelling all around, building loose ends for no discernible purpose and making weak choices on how to end the game.

11-26-2014, 04:39 PM
I feel the same way. I think there is a good outline of a story here, but it feels like it needed one or two rewrites to get into a finished state. And better execution. I barely knew anyone's name, good or bad, as the plot unfolded. Oh, there's another person to stab. Okay. I guess I'll go over here because the Assassin council, filled with people whose names and motivations are completely unknown to me, told me to. Then I'll talk with Napoleon about how I'm a free thinker, despite the fact that I'm here on someone else's orders. There's some good stuff to work with here, it just falls flat in its current state.

And certainly Elise's death was completely pointless. Her death should have served an actual point or contributed to the story. It's literally just shoved in there at the end, and extremely lame. Seriously, she's just seen this magical Sword that's almost unbeatable, and she is somehow so possessed with the desire for revenge that she just runs straight up to the guy with the unbeatable Sword that zaps people. And then she dies while not even serving as some sacrifice to help Arno.

And Germain was cool, but underdeveloped. They never give us a sense for how the Templars were under de la Serre, why Germain believes that's wrong, and how specifically he wants to change them. Why does he feel such a connection to Jacques de Molay, up to the point of wanting to see the King of France dead as revenge for de Molay? What was up with the Assassin/Templar truce? Why was it struck? What are the two parties' goals? And I never felt that Elise was a Templar. We're just told she's a Templar.
And I'd talk about the Modern Day story, except there isn't one. What an absolute joke. I get wanting to not close doors in the plot so you can keep things going, but nothing happens in the overall story. Nothing. Seriously, Ubisoft, take a look at TV shows and comic books for examples of how to tell stories within a larger ongoing universe that keeps people interested from episode to episode. Ubisoft appears to be afraid to resolve the Juno storyline because they don't know what to do next. Ironically, that's just causing our interest to fizzle and more likely to drive us away.

Literally the only Modern Day development are a few clues from the text-only files you get from the Rifts. Apparently Juno wants to co-opt Helix technology to lead humanity "into the Grey." It seems she's decided she can't exist in human form, so she wants to bring humanity to her in the digital realm. Nothing actually happens towards that front, we just read a short conversation saying that is what she wants. This is a potentially interesting idea, but they do absolutely nothing to develop it. They seriously needed to at least get this plot point started in this game to generate any interest in the overall story.