View Full Version : Ubisoft Here goes my sincere thoughts on AC series ahead

11-25-2014, 09:12 PM
First and foremost.. Thanks for the updates on Assasins Creed Unity...

Some pros of Unity

*Fantastic Graphics, Scenes, real life rendition of paris at (1:1)
*Beautiful animations
*Nice sub-plot with the lead characters (Yes the love story is indeed a sub-plot of the AC franchise as a whole)

Here are somethings That needs to improve

* The story line is going off track (What happened to Juno?? isn't she the biggest threat currently?). Seriously I love the story.. lack of coherency kills it
* To avoid bugs and performance issues.. In future releases, why not pick some pre-order customers and give them a pre-release test (I will certainly do it for free)
* I already believe you have pushed current gen consoles to limit in terms of graphics. I would suggest to improve game play in the coming games more than rest. (This one had revamped mechanics, but the freshness of black flag was lost)

One last thing keep the yearly releases coming , You guys have done good on this game..apart from the big performance issues..

As a true AC fan I request to take my points seriously and keep giving us better stuff with AC franchise.. Thanks