View Full Version : Paris Story Resets Before Completion

11-25-2014, 08:04 PM
Bug or feature? Playing a Paris Story and completed two of four tasks, approached the third and walked into an ambush and was quickly killed. Arno respawned and the first two tasks still showed as completed. Went to a nearby vendor and refilled my consumables and managed to complete a third task. Refilled consumables again and went to the fourth task. Things got hairy and I had to run away so refilled consumables again. Went back again shot another berserker blade and once again had to run away. Refilled consumables and when I started back to finish the fourth task the story had reset itself forcing me to start from the beginning. Ticked me off so bad I turned the game off. Used the same tactics of running away and refilling consumables on other stories and they didn't reset.