View Full Version : should i be worried about this series and where it's going? (SPOILERS ON ALL GAMES)

11-25-2014, 05:59 PM
So where should i start i started playing assassins creed a very short time ago, i never got it working on my pc so i never bothered before, but i always wanted to play it to find out about what the deal with the animus was, ofcourse i played 1 back in 2007 but i never finished it and i never felt like finishing it or even playing it again, anyway 6 months or so ago i finally decided to play it and see what it was about expecting nothing, i finally got it working so i started playing it for the only reason of moving up to 2 as that game appealed too me due to the davinci part, i wasn't aware of anything of this game series all i remember was that it had a weird beginning the animus so thats why i wanted to play it, but my interest for the game was small infact very small i never knew what i was about to see.

Once i finished 1 i thought wow now this just got interesting, so i moved to 2 once i saw the into i got even more hookes, i kept playing it never knew what to expect i enjoyed it then suddenly i discovered the roman gods statues and thats when things got interesting, so again i kept playing it and eventually found out about the locked door with some kind of god in it, so i assumed it was about the actual god i had no idea what was waiting for me at the end, and that that was an amazing feeling to build up too that, then there was the mysterious weird snips of videos showing about subject 16 i was very and didn't know what it was about.

Once the door was opened the whole first civilization stuff was shown and thats where i got hooked, so i kept playing getting more and more hooked once i finished brotherhood i was consumed by the storyline, it got even better with revelation and the lost archive at this point i was hooked at this game completely where i put it as one of the greatest storylines for a game series i have ever experienced, where it was very important to play each game in perfect order and perfectly.

Then came 3 and it kept on going, half way through 3 i simply quit playing due to alot of life stress 6 months or so later i had the ending of 3 spoiled, so i rushed through 3 and had the most unsatisfying experience possible and i regret that to this day as i never got the proper ending with desmond i was supposed to have.

Then came 4 and this is where things wen't downhill fast for me, no desmond completely new modern story barely no shaun or rebbeca short cameo by juno making little to no difference, a piece of eden thats simply a projector thats all it was built up too throughout the entire game a small projector, the game was still good with a good historical storyline but it felt half empty too me compared to the other games atleast it has fist civ things aswell as templars.

And then came unity, and this is where it all died on me i saw in a review no modern day gameplay, so i thought oh no so i started the game and i thought wow this intro was pretty amazing and look a piece of eden this can't be as bad as i thought it would be, fast forward 7 sequences and i keep asking myself wheres the sword? fast forward 3 sequences and i ask myself wheres the parts on the first civilization? fast forward 2 sequences and i ask myself what is the story about i can't keep up let it end already, one sequence later and i think FINALLY THE SWORD now it should be getting good again fast forward one bossfight and i say to myself WHY what was the point? did it add anything to the story anything at all? no

The game played as if you were just following the assassins on a boring work day, think of what the main characters are doing when you aren't playing thats litterally what this game felt like, it felt like as if you didn't have to do it you were just following them on what they do outside of the games, this game could have easily been it's own game litterally remove the sage and first civ thats it's own game.

So for someone who fell for the series like this should i be worried is the old storyline being phased out for something brand new and similar to what i expected assassins creed to be like when i first played it?