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11-25-2014, 01:39 PM
Why was a game in this state ever released, the cynic would say this is purely about getting the product out to the marketplace in time for the primary gift giving period. I donít want to be cynical but as the days go by I am left with little alternative.

Looking at the list of what Ubisoft are "Working On" plus all the other issues players are posting on forums it is mind baffling that someone signed this project off and said "Ship it".

In a PC release there is more scope for issues to arise due to people having different computers, different versions of operating systems, different specifications, etc. However, the console market everyone has the same console. Testing doesn't flag up all bugs, it simply canít, a small group of people testing the game with not throw up all possibilities and when the game goes on general release the sheer volume of traffic causes issues in its own right. Although with the huge list of offline and online glitches, bugs and game breakers not all of them gone undetected (this opens up Code of Ethics, knowing releasing a broken game).

Recently I have been reading online articles from journalists with knowledge of the games industry (trust me dead easy to find using Google), stating it is now a rarity for a game launch to go smoothly and exploring the reasons for it.

They suggest that the games industry needs to move away from its obsession with flooding the market for the Xmas period as the gamer can't afford to buy all the big titles so if in the title has problems the consumer buys a different title and they sink without a trace. Releasing a finished title in a quieter game release period would actually maximise their sales (just something to think about, Ubisoft).

One online journalist even suggested removing Unity off the shelves, refund anyone who has purchased the game, go back to the drawing board and release it when ready. This is not really the conclusion we want but as time ticks by at some point the towel will have to be thrown in if the game is beyond repair.

"Unity" this game has far from done that, it has done the complete opposition.

Ubisoft have been too quiet for too long, surely something must be going on behind the scenes or is simply a case of the French Revolution and they are eating fancy foods while the peasants fight for the crumbs on the floor.

Here is a free lesson for Ubisoft I have an extensive Customer Service background and from my experience communication and making an individual feel like you are trying to help them is key. Sometimes you have to tell a customer something they don't want to hear but 9 times out of 10 if the customer feels you have put the effort in and at the very least answered their query they don't kick off. If you just released a statement saying we are testing a few scenarios or even itís got us stumped at the moment it would indicate you are trying. An update 5 days ago isn't good enough (itís basic Customer Service 101).

The problems have divided the players due to not everyone has been affected and if you are one of the lucky ones I am genuinely happy for you, but just think before you post I don't know what you are all complaining about. You know how much you paid for the game and you know you'd be fuming if it REALLY didn't work properly. I wouldn't buy a car without an engine and be told the workaround is either push it or pretend to be the Flintstones.

Worryingly, I have seen another forum close a thread about the issues of Unity with the reason we all know itís broke so this thread will not help, seems to me that certain people want to sweep the matter under the carpet and forget about it (or simply they donít care).

How does this get resolved? From Ubisoft side itís time to step up to the plate and not hide your head in the sand, this isnít going to go away you are getting bashed from all angles shareholders (yes I know your share price dropped), media and the gaming community. Itís time to effectively communicate, provide regular updates and actually produce some results to fix these issues. The longer these goes on the more likelihood of requests of full refunds as you havenít delivered a functioning product. Also there is always some smart *** who may go down the legal route and trust me it doesnít take too much digging to start asking some serious questions i.e. review embargo. Yeah you can put 2 and 2 together and get 6 million but it doesnít take much of a leap to think something is shady. The players simply need to keep reporting the errors and keep knocking on Ubisoftís door so they donít forget.

Finally stop telling people to be patient, some users have had major issues from launch day so itís very disrespectful to knowingly give them a broken game then ask them to be patient while you try and sort out the mess you caused.