View Full Version : is far cry 4 a dissappointment ?

11-25-2014, 01:11 PM
First of all I am a big far cry fan : i own far cry 1,2,3 and now 4

I was excited to get a new far cry game last week but after playing for about 10 hours now, I must say I am missing something :

the bad
- the main bad-*** does not seem to involve me in the story. Yes the introduction was fine but after that sofar I do not get to see much of him, only some messages. At least in Far Cry 3 I was always on my toes to meet that schizo / crazy bad-***, and each encounter with him was so much fun. Now sofar I do not feel involved in the story. It feels more like attacking outposts and killing the enemy, that's it.
- why does the enemy not have helicopters flying around as well scouting ?
- no co-op couch multiplayer ? The co-op addition for single players missions is fine but it would be much more fun if both my kids could do missions together rather than finding a stranger on the internet
- less skill choices than in far cry 3 where you had 3 different paths, in far cry 4 only 2 (and most skills are just copied from far cry 3)

the good
- yes fly a helicopter is so much fun, love it as you can cover distances to next location much quicker
- riding elephants add tactical play
- searching and killing animals for upgrades is still fun
- the fact that the enemy can retake outposts is so much better (in far cry 2 it was automatic and a problem if you had to drive back to a liberated one to find it all full again with enemies, in far cry 3 it stayed liberated which gave some sense of progression but quickly became boring as your play area became smaller by lack of new challenges/outpost)

So I guess the major flaw lies with the main character. The world and enemies are fine but there is less story driven content and so you feel a bit detached from the game/story.

So indeed it seems more like a far cry 3.5 to me

I hope they'll make a far cry 5 with a better main character.or maybe two brothers where one is totally crazy and one smart

11-25-2014, 04:33 PM
As a game I'd say it's not disappointing at all. The only thing I'm disappointed with really is the handgun selection. Could have used another semiautomatic pistol instead of just the boring 1911 and that poop Russian thing.

11-25-2014, 04:50 PM
No way is Far Cry 4 Disappointing, I won't claim it's perfect because it's not, it still has some silly bugs but it doesn't spoil what is a great game, the only issue I really have is the season pass is not working for me, wish they could sort this, as for the game itself it's awesome, better than FC3 IMO