View Full Version : Question to those who played Unity.

Stealth Gamer92
11-25-2014, 05:14 AM
I am thinking of buying the AC Xbox One bundle but am worried about all the glitches so my question is..Is it worth the money or should I just get some other bundle?

11-25-2014, 05:38 AM
I'm probably not the most "qualified" to answer this question because I play on PC but I saw if you're just worried about glitches then you should defs get this game. After the last two patches it's been running great and I haven't come across any of those crazy game breaker ones.

11-25-2014, 06:06 AM
There are most definitely irritants in the game but I imagine there will be things that you like and things you dislike in most any video game you buy. Unity has it's share of irritants but I think that overall the game is playable and for the most part enjoyable. You will die a lot and the reload times are really long but if you persist and upgrade Arno as you go along things will get a little easier but those pesky rifle men that you mostly never see will still take you out before you even know they are there. Go ahead and buy the Unity bundle and be prepared to spend a whole lot of hours playing and planning strategies for completing missions . If you don't let the irritants dominate you there is a lot to like about the game.