View Full Version : ACIV Unity Multiplayer: Mourning the Death of Tandem Co-op

11-25-2014, 03:37 AM
After a cursory search for like-minded individuals in the threads in this forum, and coming up empty-handed, I'd like to know: Am I the only player who wishes desperately that AC Unity and future titles would feature split-screen multiplayer co-op?
I long for the days when I could sit with a friend and play NES games 2-player, with the friend sitting right next to me, in the same room, close enough to throw my controller at; not at their own home on a different tv (not that that's not great too, but why can't there be both?). There are so few games around that allow that kind of in-person socializing while playing; it's sad. I can play Unity with people the world over, but I can't play with my wife who is here with me in person (unless I buy a matching 60" and another PS4, and sacrifice the rest of my living room in the process). AC has all the elements to allow for a wonderful tandem experience, and it's absence is palpable. This game, and this franchise, would be so much better if friends and couples were able to share the experience together. And, if implemented properly, it has the potential to open up some wonderful exclusive storylines for co-op. Imagine Arno and Elise fighting side by side as the story progresses like usual, but then there are also side-stories exclusive to multiplayer, split-screen or the world over. Or if Ezio had been able to fight alongside one of his initiates. Or if Adawale and Edward took down sugar plantations and the entire British Navy together.

So am I the only one who thinks this is an element of gameplay that Ubisoft needs to include in this and future titles? Or are the days of laughing and socializing in person while playing together (or playing against one another) truly at an end?:confused: Ubisoft, hear my plea!

11-25-2014, 03:42 AM
Not enough processing power to run twice the content on the same machine at once. As it is, the game can hardly maintain 30 FPS even on single player.

11-25-2014, 03:47 AM
Buy the 2nd tv bro, flatscreens have cleared up loads of space in the living room. I have dueling X1's in the same space, it's great. Way better than split screen ever was.
I could never go back to split screen now. You get half a screen and the other half is distracting. I've ran two systems since 2003, early Rainbow 6 days. I did 3 for a bit but now the kids just inherited the dueling 360's so they are out of my hair.

It's more important to us to get a female PC for the wife, her Arno looks a bit....confused?

11-25-2014, 11:38 AM
I hate split screen. I found the space cramped and the actual split to be incredibly distracting. I've played numerous games in that mode (most often Gears of War) and it was just terrible. I think co-op grew by leaps and bounds by giving each player their own screen. Myself, I can concentrate much easier when I have my own screen and space, and I think the separation actually adds a great dimension to the experience overall.