View Full Version : [SPOILERS] A Genuine Effort with Shallow Interests & Missed Opportunities

11-25-2014, 01:11 AM
Some thoughts on AC: Unity (I am still playing the game and not finished it. I am on PS4)


An absolute breathtaking recreation of game's physical and living environment and is taken advantage of via Nostradamus missions, however the reward is too small.
A genuine effort of breathing fresh air into the franchise with new elements (such as character customization, stealth mechanics) yet keeping the roots (such as Assassin HQ's, older economy style)
Ambitious but broken/non-optimized AI engineering
Improved parkour mechanics however, the auto-correct feature could be optimized
Better combat system
Better User Interface mechanics


Performance Issues: Frame rate and rendering, lag in music and action output, AI glitches such as floating NPC's,
Gameplay - Vague, unimaginative and dull missions which is partly due to dull script. Although approach to missions are more open ended than traditional AC games.
Partial character development and weak script/screenplay
RPG elements not fully realized. Examples -

Renovations, murder mysteries, paris stories could have played a role in the overall impact to the French revolution and the outcome of the story.
Random side activities (such as tackle thieves, kill criminals etc.) are there but do not play a role in overall impact to the revolution and the outcome of the story.
Chests are there and merely for money, they should have played a role in bomb crafting, weapon and armor upgrades via introduction of crafting materials as it was partly in AC Revelations.

Too early introduction of microtransactions takes away the immersive aspect of the game and indicates shallow intentions of UbiSoft.
Unlike previous AC installments, dull music that does not complement or/and increase immersive aspect of the game. The bloody revolution, the chaos and the hidden beauty of Paris cannot be felt via the music.