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AB Squid
11-24-2014, 10:52 PM
As we know, when a new generation of AC comes out Ubisoft recycles the same engine for 3-4 games.
I have absolutely no problem with this only I find that every game company takes out things from the previous game and puts new ones in.
If content is already there, then make it available in the free roam as a novelty alongside the new content.

Not ranting, just suggesting that what I'd love to see is when moving from one game to another within the same engine that perhaps maps/weapons/skins/characters are ported into the new one or are extra downloadables.

E.G. start

In AC 4 and AC Rogue we are restricted to dual swords despite the animations for single blades already being in the game from AC3 and picked up weapons.


The side games like Liberation and Freedom Cry have uniques about them too like Adewale's Blunderbuss and Aveline's change of headwear that would have been great in the sailing games. I mean the one game you get a sailors hat is the one that you can't go sailing? Also Shay doesn't get a hood with his Templar robes despite the trailer.

Rogue and 4 both have missions where you sail as a Man 'O' War but you never get to enjoy that beyond the mission.

Lastly, in AC Rogue you're restricted only to the North Atlantic and River Valley. If you're someone like me and enjoyed Shay as a character but, wanted to return to the Carribean every now and again for the sake of it then would you appreciate having the map ported over even if it was the exact same as AC4?

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E.G end

Sorry that my post is a cluttered mess but I hope it gets a message across.

But, what do you think?