View Full Version : Any chance to implement companion app into the game?

11-24-2014, 10:40 PM
I must admit that i really do not understand your strategy Ubisoft. Why the app cant be part of the in game mechanic? Can some of developers can reply and convince me that switching from pc to phone is really needed to unlock in game chests and reaching fllu sync. Is that idea suppose to immerse me more into ac franchise?. the app is nice and flashy but im buying pc game to play on pc/console and i dont want a distraction in form of mobile app Why are u forcing people who want game 100 percent complete to just stop playing and having to play with phone/tablet.
I really like AC series and i understand your main goal is making money but that is just the cheapest and most stupid move since the famous oblivion horse armor dlc. Do you have a templar spy in Ubisoft or what?.
at the moment the app dont want even to connect with uplay and the initiates chests arent opening due to server problems *** well. I really need some answers here becouse i would really like to understand your vision but so far i see only logs throwed under my legs telling me that i should not invest in ac franchise anymorecouse it has become very unfriendly and frustrating way of spending free time.