View Full Version : This game completely crashes my PC

11-24-2014, 07:36 AM
GTX 760
Windows 7
Patch 2

This is in game, I could be randomly walking around in paris and suddenly I'll hear this stuttering audio and bam, the game freezes - I can't exit the game to the desktop or anything - no keyboard input is accepted. I have to completely power cycle the computer to get back.

It's odd because I've played the game fine for a few hours at a time, but out of the blue this happens.

All I can find is the game freezing in the menu, or not starting. Nothing about a full system crash.

Can confirm it kills networking as one time this happened I was streaming a video to my TV via my DLNA server on the same computer and the connection was lost on the TV.

Anyone having full blown PC crashes with this? God I cannot wait for patch 3.....

11-24-2014, 02:27 PM
User-level applications (like most games including this one) cant lockup or crash windows PC on their own. Only bugs in operating system, other low level software (drivers, anti viruses) and hardware failures can actually do this.
So the first thing you must check is your own system's general stability. This game is quite heavy and can put some stress other games dont. Check temperatures, disable overcloking, update drivers, run some CPU/RAM tests, etc.