View Full Version : An Original Fan, Dissuaded and Disapproving

11-24-2014, 07:07 AM
I began playing Unity like I had with every one before; with bated breath and an anticipation that held on to every detail of previous games and the raw streamline awesomeness that I had experienced since the release of the first Assassin's Creed. I bought both games on the 11th and have 100 percented Rouge just like I have all the other entries and here is my honest review. I anticipated the most streamline, smoothest, and most proficient movement to date; what I got was the most bulky, deliberate, and irrational change in parkour that there has been in the series. One must always be thinking on whether or not you want to go up or down as the button configuration makes it impossible to just go forward with the flow and when you get the hang of that train of thought, the actual results are less than desirable. I spent a full minute compared to the two seconds it should have taken to get into a widow as Arno kept climbing over, under, and around where I actually wanted to go. When I try to back eject, I can't even begin to describe the problems. And even the wall eject to climb up to a higher level takes a second for Arno to register. The only good thing about the new movement is I am guaranteed to never go for another hay bail and land somewhere three miles away with a broken spine and a shattered ego.
That said, I can stand the free-running changes just so I can finish the story and fight like the baddies I knew and loved like the Veteran Ezio or the brutal dual wielding skills of Edward. This is also not what I expected or desired in the least bit. The fighting of the game is infact an all out battle. For those that enjoy games like Darksouls, this is an Assassin's Creed for you. For those loyal to the style of the previous games and the series as a whole, this probably feels more like being bent over a table in a mandingo party until you acquire the right set of gear. Without that gear, and without perfect skills unrelated to those necessary to beat the Assassin's of the past, you pretty much have to avoid large crowds, run like a madman (or woman), or lift your television above your head and throw it as far as you can. What about those looking to just beat the story line and not deal with enemy finishers and three hit player deaths right off the starting line? With all the "Innovation" maybe it would be a good idea to add multiple difficulties? Nope. From the reviews I have read, and from personal experience; this game is basically get good gear either like a little b@#$h by buying it, or sweat and grind your way through enough deaths to get a good setup to prepare for a game long deliberate and unstrung together bloodbath or whine about it much as I feel I am doing here.
Now some good things have come, like all of the different ways you can customize yourself, an integration between handheld devices, and also the use of Initiates. But almost every part of these good things have problems like. It was thought you could choose the colors for each part of armor but instead there are shaders that you choose from much like where Bungie/Activision's Destiny fell short as well. The companion app has been fraught with glitches and isnt an optional thing if you want to open every chest so if you don't have the right phone (as it isn't supported on all phones) you are boned; plus most people share my experience where the app still doesn't work especially when signing into Uplay. And Initiates WILL NOT WORK for most people still and even though it is working for more people than at release, most people are stuck at like level 2-4 even after beating every game entirely; this also hinders the attempt for full completion an also makes it very hard to make the game as fun as it should be.
My review, as someone that has been with the series from the start and as a hardcore fan who is about to get the brand tattooed permanently to his body, this is not a buy game. Rent the game to see how you measure up and go from there.

Score based on playability: 4/10 Graphics: 9/10 Story 7/10(only brought down by the playability).