View Full Version : so sad and dissapointed about this game (SPOILERS)

11-24-2014, 02:13 AM
I can't believe it this game has to be the worst in the series, i used to think revelation was worst in the series but atleast revelation had an amazing story closer to the end, but this game? i can't describe it i am so dissapointed everything about the story was AWFUL too me like 1% of first civ 2% of the outside world it's like you took everything that cought me in this series and removed it, if you turn the next game to a game thats purely about it's setting then you have lost me.

The beginning of this game got me hyped i thought oh wow a first civ sword an amazing abstergo intro, that sword was barely in the game neither was anything else related to the first civ, not even the outside world was in the game just short tiny cameos of whoever that girl was and shaun, and the biggest twist of the entire game being ww2 was already spoiled by ubisoft before the game even released.

Then theres the gameplay, it was horrible dull repeatitive frustrating boring and again REPEATITIVE, in the recent old games tailing people was repeatitive here it's arno standing on the top of a building having boring activities given too him through his eagle sense, thats litterally 80% of the stories gameplay stand ontop of a building listen to boring activities unfold do some of those activities get in a building, find someone kill him repeat that was litterally the entire game and i am not even kidding thats all i remember doing in this game entering the same building over and over and over and over and over again to kill someone, then have a cutscene unfold that i barely can keep up with or understand.

Then theres the performance, this is pc related but my god it was awful it froze a little here and there and the mouse control felt like controlling one giant controller stick, i am so sad and dissapointed about this game yet you have the nerve to push rogue in the corner the game that should have taken unitys place.

I remember the goosebump feeling i got after each ending of these games, in this game i felt nothing even the music was bad and forgettable.

I can't believe the game was this bad, sure it may be a preference as i fell for the modern day story and the first civ, others may love this game and it's historically accurate setting and story, but too me it was bad and if this is the future of assasins creed then i don't know if i want to bother with these games any more.

11-24-2014, 02:19 AM
I agree that the story itself was a huge disappointment, but I thought the design of the main missions themselves were superb. Open-ended assassinations again, FINALLY! And even beyond that, there are plenty of nonlinear infiltration missions and just the right amount of action/parkour setpieces (the Server Bridges and the balloon chase, which was a little goofy but I thought it worked). The side mission design, however, needed some work. None of them that I've played were exceptionally bad, it just feels like they're all the same mission reskinned over and over again.