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11-23-2014, 09:20 PM
Just wanted to say I really appreciate the tremendous effort that went into recreating Paris in the late 18th century.

This is literally the *only* videogame my wife has ever been willing to play, although what she does isn't exactly "play". Instead, she simply walks around Paris taking in all the beautiful sights (right down to the correct paintings in the various rooms!).

So, as a digital way to experience the history of Paris, this game is amazing. Now, if you'll make a pixel-perfect recreation of the Louvre, we can save about $2800 in air fare this Summer :)

On a more serious note, I have really enjoyed the game even on my GTX765m-equipped laptop. Yes, I can only run it at 1366x768 with FXAA - but that's with "High" settings and I do get a fairly consistent 30-40fps. The story is engaging and the effort that went into the game seems tremendous.

So, I hope this is a little bit of encouragement for the Devs who are now donning their flame-proof equipment. You made a great game - now just get those bugs ironed out and I think all will (eventually) be forgiven.

One last thing: I'd happily pay $70 for a version which has no monetization schemes. I realize that $59.99 today is like $52.99 in 2006, and so you have to make it up somewhere - especially with the development costs of a AAA title like this. But I'd rather just pay up front and be done with it. It just seems like there's no way to monetize a AAA title without making people feel like they're missing out - Unless they decide to pay more money. It just feels wrong and people hate it. Not good Business.

11-24-2014, 02:12 AM
I'd like to hear what she says if you told her you have got her a pixel perfect recreation of the Louvre instead of flights and accommodation :D

11-24-2014, 02:29 PM
I'd like to hear what she says if you told her you have got her a pixel perfect recreation of the Louvre instead of flights and accommodation :D

We'll never know because I'd be dead soon after delivering the news anyway ;)

11-24-2014, 10:24 PM
Well, yes it is true that the game has a lot of potential, and they worked a lot to make it. My beef is with the fact that they stated those of us who don't have high end gaming rigs would be able to play it at low settings as long as we meet the minimum requirements, but that is simply not happening. If they would have said that you need at least a GTX 780 to be able to play this game, then I would have had no beef whatsoever. Many of us understand that any new game will have bugs, but they released the game when it wasn't ready and essentially made us pay to run the testing for them.

My rig exceeds all the recommended requirements except my graphics card, which is a bit better than the minimum required graphics card. But no matter what people like me do to the graphic settings, even lowering everything to the lowest we still get a lot of lag making the game unplayable for longer periods than 1 hour. Not to mention that to this day I can't play helix because the lag is extremely bad.

There are people who exceed all recommended requirements and are also having a lot of lag and problems running the game.