View Full Version : I'm getting quite annoyed with Unity for several reasons.

KoRny Girl x
11-23-2014, 07:44 PM
So I've had this game since 14/11 (UK release) and was super hyped about the game.

A week into it, the companion app barely works (I'm at a chest where it says on the app I've unlocked but the game won't let me open it) and AC Initiates says I'm level 4 and have only completed Unity (I've completed all but Liberation guys, c'mon please sort it out!)

It's annoying because these technical issues on your side are stopping me from enjoying and completing your product. I'm a big achievement hunter and I've been trying to be patient (after all, it's a new game!) but c'mon, if you can't handle the heat you shouldn't have implemented apps, websites and all sorts into the game when it hasn't worked properly since day one.

I love Ubisoft but I think you've tried too hard by using these apps and sites... they're just not working.