View Full Version : I know its not just me upset about games being released, beyound broken?

11-23-2014, 06:55 AM
In any new game that is being released, especially if its a port from a console, there is going to be issues expected. But over the past couple of years it seems more and more developers are releasing games to try to make money, than actually releasing a quality built game that functions as intended. I feel as gamers we need to come together and unite against this behavior. If we no longer buy these unfinished pieces of crap than devs will have no choice but to hold off on a release until the games are at least 90% bug free. If I get a game I want to play it, and its broken in unitys case the game and the companion have issues, by the time its all fixed All the content will be finished and theres almost no point to continue playing unless they introduce new stuff like new murder mysteries, ect. so far every game that I have bought weather its by ubisoft EA or any other company in the past few years is completely screwed up. Unity has the chance to be the best game ever made. It has tons of directions one can go in if I get bored doing one thing, there are 12 other things I can do, but they don't work!!! I know games are becoming more complex and its hard to release a game without bugs, but Id rather spend 10 dollars more and wait an extra 3 months than play a broken game that just enrages me whenever I play it. I haven't even touched far cry 4 even though I pre ordered it because I don't want to ruin the experience. AC unity is already passed that, Im into the game and after they finally fix it I will not be able to reset the companion app, and when I start over it wont be the same experience. These ****ty ports must end we need to rise together my brothers and commence against the evil that plaques us. We must defeat the evil early release ****ty port system, who is with me?