View Full Version : For the future: Could we maybe get another happy ending? I miss those.

11-23-2014, 03:52 AM
“If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story.”
― O (https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/67899.Orson_Welles)rson Welles

Now, I know some arguments can be made, but I feel that overall, honestly, none of our main protagonists (I have not played Rogue yet, and I do not really consider it a "main" installment, but if it has an overall "happy" ending, which I seriously doubt lol, please feel free to tell me without detailed spoilers)

Also, make no mistake, sad stories can still be great, emotional stories. But while it is becoming an increasingly common way for stories to go in our cultures, I feel like people might be coming to a misunderstanding that having an overall happy ending can still be a good story, and I feel like it's been too long since any of our main heroes had some form of a happy ending.

So AC1's protagonist, let's take Altaïr's story. He had happy moments, but honestly I feel like he didn't really have a happy ending. He had what I would describe as a solemn ending - he had children and his children had children. On a personal level it only goes so far, you know? Adha was taken from him and Maria was murdered in front of him. He redefined the Assassin Order and did a lot for his people and his brotherhood...But he himself honestly didn't really get an overall happy ending.

Next is AC2 (and beyond): Ezio. Ezio had a ton of tragedy in his life. On a very unfortunate misunderstanding, the love of his life ended up married to another person, and later died in his arms (not unlike Altaïr). This was horrible, heart-wrenching, and sad, and a great if tragic story. However, he went on through life, and eventually met Sofia. Sofia brought him happiness again, and he made a family with her, and ultimately his ending was a happy one, as his life came full circle back to family. The sad element, though, is that he only got to live in happiness really for about ten years, as he was so late to get started, and he died somewhat young, in his mid 60's.

Next is AC3. I'll be brief on this one because of the games this was my least favorite, and definitely my least favorite of the stories, to boot. However, with that said, even this one had a very sad ending. While Connor was kind of an *** hole overall, he DID give up a lot of his life to the Brotherhood and toward rebuilding it, and toward the ideals of freedom. He lost a lot of people on the way, particularly his own people, his mother, his tribe mother, etc. When it ended, his life wasn't necessarily "over", but...He basically went quiet with very little to show for it in the way of personal happiness. He may have been a master assassin, but he was largely alone. Even the people he recruited as an assassin were kind of distant from seeming like assassin brothers.

Up next comes ACIV. Some people say this story wasn't very good, but I'm not sure why. I thought the story was great, and it was a serious breath of fresh air after the way I felt disappointed in AC3's story. Now, Edward spent most of his adulthood pursuing fortune so that he could give his wife the best the world have to offer, and raise a family in riches. This is an admirable ideal, only that he couldn't see she loved him as he was. He, like most of our other heroes, saw a ton of tragedy in his life. He lost like 80% of his friends to death or imprisonment, and by the end of his journey, when finally he realized what was important in life and he was ready to return to his wife...SURPRISE! She's dead.

Now there was *some* happiness to be taken from it. She left behind their daughter, and of course he loved her, but this was bittersweet, leaning toward bitter...not really happy. Like a small comfort in the face of a great tragedy - not only was Edward now deprived of his wife, but their family was deprived of a mother. Wasn't even just him that lost on this one. We could go further down the line and say...but he went on to re-marry, and have a son! He had a good family life! Well, that's true. But then if we say, well let's just take it even further! Then we see his family destroyed, Edward killed, his daughter sold into slavery, his son essentially brainwashed, his wife widowed (and alone, after sending their son off, and dying a decade later).

After stacking up all the losses toward the end of his story and even after the screen fades to black, I still define this as a tragic ending.

Now let's get to Unity.

I found Unity very charming, I really liked Arno as an antagonist, and absolutely adored the interactions between him and Elise. I wanted to see more of it - truly, I did. I even said to a friend, "I bet they will eventually introduce female avatars to co-op via putting some Elise DLC in!"

Part of me kinda clings to that old hope a lot of us clung to when Lucy died, that the shroud could be used to revive the poor girl, but...damn it. Arno spent so much of his life trying to bring justice for himself, for Elise, and for their murdered fathers. He even endured Elise putting revenge forward as her highest ideal, but still held her as more important than anything else.

And what happens? She died. :(

Was that really necessary, guys? C'mon. Can't one of our heroes have some damn happiness? I get it, I get it, war is ugly, nothing is forever, etc, but if NOBODY GETS TO BE HAPPY FOR MORE THAN FIVE MINUTES EVER OTHER THAN EZIO, everything seems pretty damned pointless and hopeless.

Anyway, +1 for Elise revival by shroud and +1 for a happy ending at some point for one of our main heroes pretty please.