View Full Version : Bonus DLC for all pre-order owners?

11-23-2014, 01:45 AM
Don't you think it would be fair? CD Project had minor problems with Witcher's 2 CE and launching it b4 normal version sold. They gave all CE owners T-sshirts even when they fixed it in one night. We recieved bugged beta of AC:Unity (3rd heavily bugged art of serie) with problems with UPlay and? Nothing for us? C'mon. I plaied all parts. I've bought parts II-III twice as I'v lost my old account (acctually because hackers and problems with my e-mail, not Ubi's fault). CE of 3 of them. Season Pass for AC IV. Godl Edition of one. I'm maybe not most rich fan, but still quite big fan. And what? And Ubi disappoint me year after year with giveing me pitty beta and nothing to say "Sorry" or "Thank you for patience". It's not about I really want few more DLCs. I have Season Pass as I have Gold Edition so I have lot's of stuff. So much I didn't care much about missing ones (maybe I will write to support to have them, but anyway I have better so no big deal).It's about gesture. About feeling that Ubi cares about players not only treats us as bunch of mindless wallets who use to come every year to give them money.