View Full Version : UBI READ PLEASE -> Initiates FAIL Season Pass more FAIL ACU FAIL again

11-22-2014, 07:46 AM
what is going on guys? Black Flag was awesome release compare with that ****.. We (game buyers) preffer wait more time to the release date to have a good game, and expensive, but so good. Wich is not so good is the actually situation:
A lot of players can't run the game or play it smooth by poorly optimization (framerate or freeze screen or ACU.exe stops), a lot of AC gamers can not reach Minimum requierements, a lot of bugs issues or problems with Ubisoft servers, the missions purportedly including in the season pass are missed, "Dead Kings" & "Chronicles China" missed too,Initiates still failing as always and is needed for yellow chests in game, Uplay Desktop programm can not add games to favourite list, etc.
Is this the way you will follow? We are fed up the lies of the supposed solutions, we are tired of the games released unfinished after having paid a fortune for that shiit.
is normal that lose users year by year, do you think that after the AC Unity, most of us, will preorder or buy AC VI? NO! obviously NO!
to the end who looses are you, UBISOFT.
Congratulations for the awesome Arno history, but the game and Ubisoft direction have not the good work direction.
greetings and have a nice day ;)

11-23-2014, 02:50 PM
I gotta admit I cant understand how the game can be so flawed when ubi seemed to release an almost perfect game with black flag? I don't think I had 1 glitch playing the game and that's from it's first release.
where did it all go wrong with ACU with the abysmal framerate and the multiplayer not even working?