View Full Version : Main issues with ACU

11-22-2014, 01:35 AM
Right now i have 3 pressing issues with ACU.

1. Not being able to connect to Online Features in-game from the day i bought this to present.

2. Framerate issues (15fps average and 30fps on low settings)

3. Not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet but the particles of dust in the graphics (if thats what they are) just show up as artifacts on the screen (miniature white squares)

When are these issues going to be addressed as i would assume all three are very detrimental to the experience?

BTW i am using an AMD R9 280X 4GB (Compared to Tomb Raider effects with dust and you'll notice the difference)

To see if you suffer from the dust issue then go into the basement of that cafe you own above the sewers and just look around and you should also see lots of flashing white squares.