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11-21-2014, 03:42 PM
Dear Yves Guillemot

This is a letter I wish anyone at Ubisoft to notice.
I recently brought Assassins creed Unity along with many other gamers.
I am indeed going to let you know how disappointed I was with it but I am also going to tell you a few things that I think would help for the future.
Please read and think about what you have done.

The first problem I found was I played the first few hours of my game perfectly fine. I had max frames and I had all my characters faces and online was working.
Now I try opening my save and it just crashes ACU.exe Is not responding. So To cut a long story short your game is Busted I lost interest in the whole thing now.
So what I'm trying to say is make sure your games aren't broken before you ship them.

The second issue is the price. I'm not rich and I pull together what I can to buy the games I want. I just wanted to sit back and enjoy Assassins creed but I can't.
The cheapest version on your site is 50 Pounds and that is alot of money. I understand that you have to make your money back on the production of making the game itself but I don't expect to buy a digital copy of a game with no case,no manual,no disc,no In-game cash for micro transactions.

Your third issue is why did you pull it from steam?
This to me is a really stupid choice as Steam is used probably by about 90% of gamers on pc so I'm not sure why you abandoned most of your PC audience.

The forth thing is I "NEVER" expect to see micro transactions in a game that I'm expected to pay 50 pounds upfront. If you want to add DLC later that I have to pay for that to me works. I don't expect to buy a game for 50 pounds and see short cuts to get the best weapons. I don't understand why you decided that would work. I know that some you-tubers have indeed paid for the extra content, but I don't know why you want people running through your game so fast. It seems counter productive to me, It destroys any learning curve you may have made in the game.

Your fifth issue is why do I have two other games to play? If I want all the chests in the game I need the latest phone to play your App and also would have to play your browser game just to unlock a huge percentage of the chest around the city. I personally don't like more games integrated into the one I'm playing it makes the game feel messy and it's also frustrating to run up to a chest and go "Ooo A chest...Wait I can't open it because I didn't play an App" This shouldn't happen in a block buster triple A title!

Your sixth issue is greed. You seem to be going down a road where you are pushing pc games further away and running down the road EA has trodden. You are always talking about pc gamers being pirates the way to win them over is by making the pc version (A.) Work out the box at a frame rate they like 30-60 fps (B) Make it affordable they already spent thousands making a machine to enjoy your game on. Basically make the game at a point that it isn't worth pirating and easier to get hold of and a good price. Like putting it on steam.

I hope someone reads this and it actually gets read by some people and it helps change the games to come. These points were all off putting and extremely annoying to me and I have been an ubisoft fan forever so Please Listen. If I think of more issues I will update this but for now I just needed to put that out there.

Thanks for listening ^_^