View Full Version : Helix credits costs?

11-21-2014, 02:40 PM
It is not enough that the game is **** on release. There's that dlc that should just be what it is, part of the game. Most offensive of all is that after I spent $113. dollars on this (I think it is a great game) you have the nerve to have in game charges for HELIX points! You are kind of being *******s. I bought the gold edition of this game. I tried a "copy" of the game before I bought it. I am not unhappy with my purchase I just don't like the "candy crush" ******** you have with helix.

I bought it because of the online features that did not require other players. It seemed cool. Not happy that you can just buy helix points. I am sure I could just hex edit myself a ****e load. I guess that is what you are after though. People who have the cash to pay to play.

That marketing strategy will not keep Intelligent, loyal players as the quality suffers.