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11-21-2014, 12:31 PM
In Rogue it showed that Achilles tried to destroy the world just to achieve something that was even achievable while the Templar's tried to save the world and stop Achilles.
Shay and the Templar's were acting like "Old Assassin's" without even knowing while the Assassin's were acting like "Old Templar's" destroying and killing everyone and everything to get what they want.

In Unity it showed that there is corruption in both systems (Templar's and Assassin's), some Templar's tried to do good while the others were looking for power.
There was more corruption in Templar's than the Assassin's and that was because of the assassin's rules.

I Think they're the same, sometimes they do good and sometimes they do bad. but both think they're born to save the world.
What do you think?!

11-21-2014, 08:28 PM
Still have to play Rogue but from finishing Unity I kind of got the impression that the Assassin's were more Templar-like than the Templars themselves. You could literally swap out their Assassin symbol with a Templar cross and change their white robes to black and I probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference. From their viewpoints on maintaining order leading up to the revolution, internal power struggles, and their widespread influence over powerful figures of the time alongside the Templars, both factions seemed rather equal and the idea of them coming together isn't really all that extreme compared to their philosophies in AC1 and AC2.

The fact that they throw Arno out of the Order for pursuing selfish motivations seems somewhat sound, except that his goals involve pursuing the Grand Master of the Templar Order as a target, which one might assume that would be Target #1 for the Assassins. Even if Arno is choosing his own targets, he is choosing to target Templars or Templar sympathizers which puts him in the same shoes as Ezio or Connor which pursued various targets without consulting their higher-ups in order to reach the Grand Master of their time. Ezio's motivations are completely selfish and fueled by revenge (AC2) and Connor is fueled by (CHARLES LEE!) his beliefs (right/wrong, freedom, unity, etc.) and somehow they both manage to reach the rank of Master Assassin even though their entire campaign up until they become a Master Assassin is focused on their own struggle rather than the Brotherhood's struggle.

It could be that both orders are meant to be somewhat equal with only a few different ideas on freedom, order, control, etc. however, for most of the past games it has always seemed that the Assassins are the underdogs and usually resort to any means necessary to achieve their goals and strengthen their Order, whereas Unity gave off the impression that the Assassins and Templars are meant to have a gentleman's battle over a game of chess with very precise rules. I think what Rogue and Unity were trying to achieve was to shake fans perception as the Assassins being the "good guys" and Templars being the "bad guys" and place both groups in a fuzzy gray area with only small tweaks in their views and beliefs.

11-22-2014, 01:16 AM
Assassins and Templars the same? Never! Assassins are evil, naive, misguided murderers, while we Templars are the only thing holding the world together.