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11-21-2014, 07:51 AM
Kia Ora my name is Thomas Love I am of Ngati Toa decent I have played assassin's creed from Altiar to Edward and have become like many others wildly-hooked.. By far "hands down" the BEST game and storyline ever!!! Thank you, however could you wonderfully open/like-minded people of the assassin's creed team please consider making the next game(or at least a side-story) about my beautiful culture, the native people of Aotearoa (New Zealand) the Maori, we are a strong proud warrior race of people that have a very troubled and wartorn past of sacrifice, bloodshed and betrayal not only from native affairs but from crowned influences too (English, French) if I have in any way interested you please do a little digging into 1800-1900's history of New Zealand..

I sent the above message on 30/11/13 to the Ubisoft team, today is the 21/11/14 and I have just completed the AC Rogue chapter of this mind-blowing game which was relesed to NZ on 13/11/14 and are totally ecstatic at the prospects opened up by the introduction of Cpt James Cook whom according to the Queen of England discovered my beautiful country Aotearoa (New Zealand) even though it was already populated by over 500 thousand indigenous people whom had already mapped and explored the world using the stars, however this message is to further my effort for an Assassin's Creed NZ story based around the English(Templar) and French(Assassin's) war fought in my land and will ask again for you all to do some digging into the 1800-1900 history of New Zealand and it's Native people the Maori or as we like to call ourselves "Tangata Whenua" (which roughly translates to "people of the Land")..
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions and once again THANK YOU...