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The other night I was thinking what if AC expanded into more than just games. I care up with a few ideas , and I'm sure some people here would have ideas, so why not share them so Ubisoft could be able to see them and its just fun to see other ideas sometime. (Multimedia includes everything except video games where you are an Assassin our Templar. Games where you playas someone caught in their war should be posted. Also post game ideas if they're unusual or wouldn't be a main game. For example a game where you play as Moses or someone like that and see more lore and and action behind an all ready written story.) Feel free to share and discuss ideas.

Ideas :

AC Musical (joking, look it up on YouTube)

AC TV Series Idea

It would show the assassins growing. It would be similar to ACU in the fact that aside from Shaun and Rebecca all the others modern day assassins would by initiates.
Every episode would be an hour long. Thirty minutes of modern day and thirty minutes of one initiates Helix experience. The helix part of the episode would be a cycle between Altair/Maria Thorpe/Darim, Ezio/Shao Jun, Connor/Aveline/Shay, and Edward/Adwale/Haytham (teenager). Long story short they are collecting more data, sages, etc. based on the assumption that Desmond had to be related to a sage, or if not related than one of his ancestors encountered/killed a sage. Using helix technology and hacks the main most promising initiates relive the lives of Desmond's ancestors and people close to them or the events that occurred. The initiate that relives Shay's, Connor's, and Aveline's lives ends up agreeing with Shay's perspective and ends up a Templar, so after he hacks some Helix-es the initiates plus Shaun and Rebecca find out the traitor and it ends with an epic battle between the Assassins and the traitor with a few Templar allies.

Altair/Maria Thorpe/Darim

This would be the least convoluted and plot twisting story-line. Altair, Maria, and Darim go to defeat Genghis Khan while getting occasional letters from Sef and or Abbas only to discover when they finish that Abbas has taken over.( This would end the same as the memory stone from ACR when they come back to Masyaf after Khan's defeat. This also opens up they way for season 2 to be about Altair rise back to mentor.)

Ezio/ Shao Jun
The first half of this plot line would be Ezio training Shao and running into trouble with the occasional criminal trying to assassinate Ezio and leading to giant chase and giant fights. The second half would have Shao Jun alone trying to assassinate the Emperor. She does amazing assassinating Templars and the Emperor's advisors until she tries to assassinate the Emperor. The emperor gets her in a trap and the second to last Ezio/Shao Jun episode ends with the Emperor preparing to personally execute Shao. Then in the finale Ezio sneaks into the execution with the new weapon, the Phantom Blade, made by Ezio from plans by Leonardo. Ezio shoots the blade at the Emperor's hand knocking the sword out of his hand. Ezio throws Shao a phantom blade too. This leads to an epic sword fight which the Emperor wins. As he prepares to execute Ezio, Shao disappears. The she uses the phantom blade to pin the Emperor to the wall and execute him before the Phantom Blade is lost until the French Revolution.


This would be somewhat of a retelling of all their stories with Shay trying to find out about Connor and Aveline( who are now married) to be able to assassinate them well, while Connor and Aveline are doing the same. More personality would be added to Connor and Haytham would make a few cameos. This would end with the three having an epic fight, but Juno stops them. All three of them then decide to destroy the Piece of Eden Juno uses to appear. They the then agree to disagree, so Shay goes away and pretends Connor and Aveline doesn't exist. Connor and Aveline do the same.


This would be a telling of Edward's death. Long story short a teenage Haytham and Edward would crash land in the colonies have to assassinate Woodes Rogers who wants revenge. Rogers has captured Edward's daughter who got a job in the Colonies. They end up having to assassinate Rogers and the Grand Master of the colonies which makes Birch notice them and send Templar thugs to assassinate Edward leading to his death.

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